Student Paper Competition (SPC) Rules and Guidelines

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A. Written Submission

  1. Only one student paper competition (SPC) submission per student is allowed.
  2. For consideration in the student paper competition, the student must be the only student author and must be first author on the paper. Each other co-author must submit a signed letter indicating that his/her contribution to the paper is primarily advisory. (For example, a paper with a student author and three co-advisors would have three letters submitted from the co-advisors at the time of submission.) The letters must be in PDF format and must be uploaded via this Web site at the time of paper submission.
  3. All SPC papers will be judged using a double-blind review process. In double-blind reviews, the identities of the authors are withheld from the reviewers in addition to the usual practice of having the identities of the reviewers withheld from the authors. Therefore, a student must submit two copies of the SPC paper to the Web site — one without any identifying information, including authors' names, affiliations, funding sources, etc., and one intended for publication in the Symposium proceedings that includes authors' names and affiliations, etc. Other than the identifying information, the two versions of the paper should be identical. For more information and guidelines regarding the preparation of an SPC paper, please see the following instructions.

B. Preparation and Submission of Papers for Double Blind Review

  1. The double-blind review process requires that each student competitor upload two copies of his or her paper:
    • A PDF version of the paper for double-blind review - no authors, institutions, funding sources, etc., in the text and no identifying attributes in the PDF file information (available by selecting "Properties..." in the File menu in Acrobat Reader).
    • A PDF version of the paper for inclusion for publication in the Symposium proceedings (exactly the same paper as in (a), but with authors, affiliations, funding sources, etc., included).
  2. Authors should not use more than two (2) self-citations. Authors must cite work only available in the open literature. Work in review or on schedule to be published (unless it appears in an open access form) does not qualify as being in the open literature.
  3. Authors should avoid referring to their own work in the first person context in the submission text.
  4. Authors should prepare their submissions (both blinded and regular versions of the paper) as required by the Paper Submission Guidelines
  5. Upon submission authors are required to go through a checklist verifying that the rules and guidelines specified in this section and in Section A have been followed. Completion of the checklist will be required in order to successfully submit the student paper into the competition. The checklist is as follows:
    • I verify that none of the co-authors on this paper are students, and that the uploaded letters for all co-authors indicate their job titles or positions.
    • I verify that I have removed the author listing, author affiliations, and funding acknowledgments and any other author- or institution-identifying information from the blind version of the paper.
    • I verify that all references to all prior work (including my own and that of others associated with my institution) are made in the third person.
    • I verify that all references cited have been in the public domain/open literature for at least two months prior to the submission of this paper.

Note that failure to meet the above guidelines for double-blind review can lead to automatic disqualification of the paper from the competition. Questions regarding the preparation of papers for double-blind review can be directed to the 2017 AEMC Student Paper Competition Coordinators at and

A sample paper has been provided. The first paper shows the paper submitted for the regular conference, while the second paper shows the paper submitted for the double blind review evaluation.

C. Evaluation of Written Submissions

  1. A panel of judges from the Society’s membership including researchers from industry, laboratories, and universities will be assembled to evaluate all qualifying SPC submissions.
  2. Two independent reviews for each submission from a selected panel of reviewers who are experts in the student's field of study and who are not associated with the student in any way will be obtained. A double-blind review process will be used as described in Section A.3. At least two of the reviewers must indicate the submission is acceptable for a paper to be accepted.
  3. The written submission evaluation criteria are:
    • Quality of written paper (e.g., clarity, organization, figure size, style, etc.)
    • Sufficient depth and breadth of research work
    • Innovation and impact of research work
    • Verification and/or validation of results reported in paper
  4. Based on these criteria the SPC papers will be reviewed. Student author of the accepted paper will be invited for the presentation phase of the contest.
  5. Accepted paper must be registered before the due date.
  6. Based on the scores obtained during review and presentation phase, a panel of judges will decide three best papers.

D. Awards

  1. Based on the inputs from the judging panel, the SPC Committee Chair will announce the First, Second and Third place winners during the AEMC 2017 Awards Ceremony.
  2. A monetary award and a certificate/plaque will be given to each student paper competition winner.

E. Downloads

online Student Paper Competition

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Important dates

Paper submission Starts

15th June 2017

Paper submission deadline

15th August 2017 (Hard Deadline)

Last date for notification of acceptance

15th Oct 2017

Camera Ready Paper Submission deadline

5th to 10th Nov 2017

Author Registration Deadline

5th Nov 2017

Final Technical Program Details

20th Nov 2017