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Chairmen’s Welcome

Namaskar! On behalf of the organizing committee, it is our great pleasure and privilege to invite you to the joint event of 2011 IEEE Applied Electromagnetic Conference (AEMC) and 2011 IEEE Indian Antenna Week (IAW). This will take place in the city of Kolkata during December 18-22. 2011 AEMC and IAW are sponsored/supported by IEEE Antennas and Propagation & Microwave Theory and Techniques Societies and URSI Commission B.

As with the previous events , we will have an exciting technical program for you with papers covering a wide range of topics in Applied Electromagnetics and Antenna Technology. All the major educational and research centers in India and a number of such institutions from other countries took part in those conferences. Combined with the social and cultural programs, the conference will offer a great opportunity for sharing ideas, professional networking, and cultural exchange.

With a population of over 5 million, Kolkata - formerly known as Calcutta - is a major center of science, education, culture, and commerce in India. Many famous scientists, philosophers, poets, social workers, political activists, cultural icons, and spiritual masters have considered Kolkata and neighboring areas as their homes. There are many historical monuments that you can visit during your stay.

We look forward to your participation at 2011 AEMC-IAW during December 18-22.

Debatosh Guha
Debatose Guha
Jaideva C. Goswami
Debatose Guha

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